Cinema Spill

Cinema Spills are a layable liquid mat that come in an array of styles. The perfect way to emulate a spill without the actual spill and clean up. Never dries, always lays flat and completely reusable. Great for Film, TV, Theater, Haunt, Gags, and more!





Available in 3 sizes and in an array of patterns and shapes:


Small (Est. 6 x 10”)

Medium (Est. 12 x 18”)

Large ( Est. 24 x 18”)



Blood Splatters, Toxic Spill, Oil Slick, Milk, Detergent, Cleaners, Alien Blood (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange), Wine, Whiskey, Vodka, and More! Options are endless. Only limited by your imagination!






*Custom Shapes Available* 


Cinema Spill